The group is led by Prof. Dr. Ermin Malic and focuses on microscopic modelling of ultrafast phenomena in atomically thin 2D nanomaterials including graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). These materials exhibit fascinating properties that are interesting both for fundamental science as well as for technological applications.In particular, we perform quantum mechanical calculations of time- and energy-resolved non-equilibrium dynamics of electrons, excitons, phonons, and photons in these materials.


The driving force of our research is to unravel elementary processes behind ultrafast phenomena and to exploit the gained insights to propose novel concepts for technological devices. The explored scientific questions cover fundamental physics including strong many-particle phenomena (such as carrier-carrier, carrier-phonon, and carrier-photon interactions) and application-oriented research aiming at the design of future nanoelectronic devices (such as photo-emitting, amplifying, and detecting devices).